Activities at St. Xavier's school, Neta, Jaipur (Delhi Province)

Parent Teacher Meeting, Exhibition

They say, ‘Every good thing comes to an end’. So did the session 2017-2018 after the conclusion of Final Examination. The progress report was handed over to the parents during PTM (Parent Teachers Meeting)... At the very onset, an exhibition displaying various Art, Science projects, was also inaugurated by Father John Ravi. Students of various classes depicted various paintings, sketches, models in an amazingly innovative way.. This exhibition was the labor of students’ year long hard work.

  Orientation programme for parents

With the objective of making new students and their parents aware of the policies, curriculum, culture, rules and regulations etc of our school, an orientation programme was organized wherein teachers along with Father John Ravi apprised parents about various aspects of school.. Dr. Tarun Patni, a renowned pediatrician and an Ex. Xavierite, apprised everyone about nutrition for children and their psychological aspects.

This programme helped parents get the insight and understand the system properly.

Life Skills Enhancement Camp
St. Xavier’s School Nevta organized a ten-days'  Life Skills Enhancement Camp to ameliorate the students' skills and competencies .The camp began on March 3rd,2018 and will witness its culmination on March 14th ,2018. The prime objective of organising this camp was to work towards enhancement of three  conspicuous domains ,namely Cognitive, Affective Psychomotor domain. The camp offered 10 sports and 12 club activities such as Football, Chess, Badminton, Skating, Basketball etc and club activities such as Tarumitra club,Melody Club, Literary Club,Drama club,Media club,LTS Club (Leadership Training Skills) etc.The field trips undertaken by various clubs gave students a hands-on experience. Students participated with great fervor and felt ecstatic.

Plastic Bags Free Campus

The Mother Earth needs protection...Protection from being polluted primarily because  of widely used polythene bags across the globe. An initiative by Rev. Father John Ravi , to make the campus of St Xavier's School,Nevta has become the everyday drive .The students, teachers, and other staff members have pledged to keep the campus free from plastic bags.This is done to sensitize everyone about the harmful effects and inspire others to get rid of these polythene bags in their day to day life.



Thanks& Regards

Tripti Premi

St.Xavier's school Nevta, Jaipur