Activities of SXS, Nevta (July 2018)

Visit of Australia and  Hong Kong Delegation
"Education  does to the soul, what a sculptor does to a block of marble."
St.Xavier's school also had the opportunity of an intriguing interaction session with around 18 under graduate trainee teachers from Hong Kong University.
This interaction involved an insight into the Educational scenario and the challenges faced by both India and Hong Kong. Knowing each other's modus operandi for educating would pave way for further improvement by learning from each other's experiences and experiments.
The students from Australia also exchanged their views and discussed various aspects of their cultural and educational system.
(Photos in the Gallery)
In- service workshop on Anger Management
The emotion of anger is invariably felt by everyone at some or the other point of time. Keeping this in mind,Rev.Father John Ravi took the initiative to address this prevalent issue.
Teachers as well as the administrative staff both attended the workshop wherein they learnt about various factors causing the anger, the behavior pattern during anger and the umpteen easy techniques to deal with it.
The session concluded with open discussion amongst everyone who narrated their experiences and sought the hands-on measures to control the strong emotion of anger.
Orientation programme for class X students
Rev.Father John Ravi S.J took the initiative to address the parents of class X students in order to help them decide the future course of action. He enlightened the gathering by talking about various streams to be taken after class X.
Parents enthusiastically participated in the interaction and discussed various challenges faced during the preparation months of students.
The counselor of our school along with the Vice principal,Mr.C.K.Punnoose ,were also present there to share their insights.
Workshop for ground staff
'Equality is the soul of Liberty' and Xavier's believes in this.. Keeping this in mind,our school organized a workshop for our ground staff too. 
 -This workshop began withTherapeutic technique named Jacobson progressive muscular relaxation technique .Such technique helped them fo relax their mind and body and get rid of day to day stress involved in their routine.
The second session was  of interpersonal skills wherein issues related to work which disturbs the relationships with one another and the  solutions were discussed.The resource person also emphasized on  how ego and anger works against the work relationship and work environment.
Inauguration of Balwadi
'The child is not to earn but learn'
Keeping this ideology in mind,our school has taken the initiative to educate a few students of rural background, underprivileged families from the village Nevta.
These children will gradually be incorporated in the main stream of Nevta school.
The balwadi was inaugurated by Rev Father John Ravi and is running under the able guidance of Sr.Sylvia along with an assistant.
 Rev.Father John Ravi and Rev.Father Vincent Paul have incessantly worked to materialize this dream and exhibited compassion towards the underprivileged people.
The students of Balwadi were introduced to the Junior school and middle school students as well.
Workshop on 'Good Parenting'
The child's overall development depends not only on the school or just the parents but collaborative functioning of both .
With this view, our school has taken the initiative to address the parents and walk along with them in the journey of a child.
Our school counselor organises this session every week for various classes and talks about the positive ways of Parenting.
During the session various day to day challenges  and their solutions are discussed.
Self Examen
'Self realization is God realization' .
The 'Self Examen' has been woven into our school's curriculum.
This is an initiative to take the students to a profound inner journey,to help them relax and re- align themselves through the path of meditation.
The aim is to make our students mindful, optimistic ,compassionate,who can realize their own dynamics and find the right balance of their life so that they can discern their souls to be better.  
This practice takes place everyday for a duration of ten minutes ,before the school gets over.
Celebration of Feast of St.Ignatius of Loyola
Our school witnessed an ostentatious celebration led by Rt.Rev. Bishop Oswald Lewis of Jaipur Diocese , Rev. Father John Ravi, Father Augustine Perumalil(Principal St. Xavier's College, Nevta), Father Vincent Paul and other eminent dignitaries. The programme began with the Mass ceremony wherein Bible procession,offertory procession took place along with various prayer songs,hymns sung by the school choir . The students ,during the special assembly enacted a play emphasising the four virtues of  of St.Ignatius i.e.Competence, Commitment, Conscience and Compassion.During the ceremony, the gathering was reminded of St. Ignatius' one of the most important teachings to find God in all things and to cultivate the discernment spirit.