AKJM School, Kanjirappally: striving to be excellent


In the year 1961 Rev.Fr. George Thachenkary , the then Parish Priest of St. Dominic’s Church, Kanjirapally made a proposal to his parishners at the Pallikuttam to establish an English Medium School. The community unanimously agreed to that and they made a request to the Jesuits , known as the ‘Schoolmen of Europe’ to start a school in Kanjirapally. The Jesuits took up the challenge and started the school as the Sacerdotal Jubilee Memorial of Mar Mathew Kavukatt, then Archbishop of Changanacherry. It was named AKJM (Archbishop Kavukatt Jubilee Memorial) School.

Our Vision

A just and caring social order created by integrally developed and socially transformed students.


Drawing inspiration from Jesus Christ, we aim at providing an environment and training context for the students who would grow up as creative leaders, upright in public life and ready to serve people.

The Jesuit education aims at forming "men and women for others". Jesuit schools all over the world,  AKJM being no exception, are run not to produce high profile professionals in various fields, but to make their students good human beings, who not only take care of themselves but also develop care and concern for the poor and the underprivileged. The spirit of "Magis", doing something even better, is a characteristic of Jesuit education. It is pursuing excellence and never be satisfied with mediocre efforts. Someone, when asked to explain the Jesuit education in a nutshell, said, "Good is not good enough when better is possible and the best is within reach."

Excellence in education is an important goal of the school, so also creating a genuine interest for the well-being of the whole planet. We aim to train our students to become present and future leaders who could serve with creativity and imagination. We are committed to make a difference in education at  AKJM through our innovative education programmes. We also like to impart a broad and deep set of values that can shape a child's personality and learning. Skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking (the 4Cs) as well as other necessary attitudes like flexibility and adaptability, a desire to be well informed about what happens at home and abroad.

In the eve of 24th February 2017, the school was garlanded by stars of the year.  There held Award Day function presided by Mrs  Sheela Thomas IAS, the Additional Chief Secretary to the Govt. of Kerala, who praised the excellence of the institution. The students in scholarship jackets ornated the evening. The winners of various competitions, district level and state level champions who added laurels to the school, outstanding performers, award winners, social service leaders who turned role models, the Diamond, Pearl, Emerald, Gem and Jewel of the school were all recognized and rewarded by star marks, trophies and cash awards. The colourful cultural programmes of the day turned as a feast to the eyes.

The farsighted strategy of the management, magnetic team spirit of the staff, dynamic leadership of the principal and above all the abundant blessing of the Almighty strengthen us to go ahead with the principle "Together we make the difference."