Be Like Girraffe...Have Tall Head, Strong Heart and Skillful Hands

I Am happy to be here. Thank you teachers what you do for people. Your campus is so good. You have enough of good students here with head and heart. School is not an entity of abuilding...but consist of human beings who love others.
Our dream is to work for others. We have to be men and women for others. We are at the service of humanity through reconciliation and peace building. Teaching is a beautiful profession. Through which we can touch the heart of students. So teachers are here to change the world...inspire students...make them good humanbeing. The first requirement to that is teachers to be be models for students. Be humble and honoured as teachers. Be like a Giraff....why?What is special of a giraff?
Jesuit education aims at making all like is the tall animal. It has a tall figure and head held high. When we are tall our vision is wider, we see wholesome view. Giraffe is not a narrow minded animal It cannot be. We have to be tall minded and brainy beings. Giraff also has a largest heart of all the animal. Since giraff is tallest it needs a poweful heart to pump up the blood to the head. It has a heary and a clever head. Jesuit education is aimed at strengthening these two faculties...head and heart. It helps us to develop head and heart...also our hand. In this school I see these three 'h's , head and heart and hand (skill) flourishing. You Jesuits and Teachers are the ones moulding them.
Let us make us all good humanbeings...thats the beauty and challenge for us as Jesuit school teachers.
But remember, Giraff has a problem. When they are together no one attacks, not even a lion. But if a giraff is alone it is vulnerable, and lion has a fest on it. So the message is not be alone. Work and walk together. Net work and collaborate well. Together we can achieve better results.
Today is Gandhijayanti...Gandhiji was a man like girraff...tall mind...strong heart and a man of value. A man who was a global citizen.
Be like him. Jesuit education will make all good, take all to be like Gandhiji.

Think globally...think humans with good heart, hand and head. Thank you so much for all that you do. 
May God bless you.

Sunny Jacob SJ