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As part of the ongoing programme for Re-orienting the Jesuit Conference a Three days of intense Reorienting for Greater Apostolic Effectiveness (REGAE) was held at XLRI, Jamshedpur. This was for the Central Zone which consists of Jamshedpur, Dumka, Hazaribag, Madhyapradesh and Ranchi Provinces of the South Asian Conference. Each province were represented by 7 'significant' Jesuits from varied apostolates and 3 Common House representative (Rector of DNS Pune, Rector of VJ, Delhi and JEASA Secretary), along with POSA, Rev. George Pattery. 

The coordination committee consisted of Fernando Franco, RC Chacko, Jossie De Mello, Francis Minj and Joe Arun. They prepared the entire 3 days so meticulosly and truely Ignatian way. The entire process of discernment was through spiritual conversation, prayer, sharing in groups and active listening. Every one was so touched by the way the Spirit of God worked in each and everyone. We were initiated to the Discerning Mission and Governane in the Jesuit Conference of South Asia.

The entire excersice was aimed at prioriticing the Assistancy thrust in Mission and Zonal and Province level implementation of it. In and through the process, participants of the Central Zone workshop took responsibility for designing, planning and conducting the Zonal programmes. We decided to train all our members of the Zone through 18 such training programmes in the duration of next 10 months. To that we have identified trainers from each province, and places for the meetings. 

In the South Asian context and the demands of the GC 36 invites us all to be more effective, Ignatian oriented, and consolidating our mission by joining together as a universal body. As a body of Central zone, considering the demographic and geographic challenges, it warrents us to be more sharing and caring in mission to be more effective and affective.

In the words of our POSA, George Pattery, "the discussions, and process adopted were of high quality and truely Ignatian. A genuine will to work as a universal body in the Central Zone was manifested by everybody. There the Finger of God was active in guiding us all from the beginning till the end'. The Conference and the Zone got a clarity orientation in mission and missioary thrust through this REGAE.  

Sunny Jacob SJ