Fr. Antony Gatt SJ: an educator with a difference

Fr. Anthony Gatt, S.J. lovingly addressed as Ninu, was born at Zebugg, Malta on 20th January 1939. At the age of 21, on 10th October 1960 he joined the Society of Jesus. He left Malta for India on 27th July 1963 to dedicate himself for the development of student community of Jesuit schools as well as to preach Christ and his Gospel to all. He was ordained a Priest on 19th March, 1972. He studied Hindi in Ranchi. He did his philosophical studies at De Nobili College, Pune and theological studies at St. Mary’s college, Kurseong, Darjeeling while preparing himself to become a Jesuit priest. He served in various capacities, namely, Prefect of St. Joseph’s School, as Principal of St. Xavier’s School, Sahibganj and finally before retiring he was the Superior of St. Xavier’s School Raiganj. He died in the morning of 21st March 2017 at his beloved place, St. Xavier’s, Sahibganj.


There are a lot of untold stories of his service which spanned from 1963 to the day he breathed his last. He had his ups and downs. As a human being he had his physical suffering from various ailments, but he was a born fighter and a crusader of justice, education and service to humanity. Like all Maltese, he was a lover of sports. He was a great footballer. People from far off villages surrounding Sahibganj used to come and watch him as well as Fr. George Camilleri play football in our School ground/ Talkies field/Railways Institute ground. His dribbling with the football was endlessly confusing the opponent players before his scoring of goals. St. Xavier’s, in 1967-1970 period were the champions in football in Sahibganj and Dumka. Fr. Ninu was a dynamic and loving person with an indefatigable spirit. He dedicated all his life to the service of the society. He lived and died happily. There was no mark of pain or anxiety to be seen on his face till his end. He prayed to die on the Indian soil and be buried beside some of his Maltese brethren at the Dumka Jesuits’ cemetery. We could fulfil his everlasting wish.

Fr. Hilary D Sousa SJ