Following are the few suggestions for us to take up with urgency:

1. We, (minorities) need to join groups fighting communalism and actively participate in the programs like ‘Not in My Name’ against hate violence. Speak against any violence anywhere in the country, be it against Dalits, women, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, children or anybody.

2. Ensure communalism in our own community is checked. Majority communalism cannot be confronted by minority communalism.

3. Should participate in program for betterment of society in general like participating in ‘Swatch Bharat Abhiyan’ or city clean up drive, organizing blood camp, organizing eye camps etc. through our Alumni.

4. We must also invite neighbourhood schools for a visit to our institutions. By opening doors for all and neighbourhood schools, our schools will send a strong signal to all that we are open and relationship will be better.

5. Increase interaction with Majority community as neighbour, friend, colleague and co-traveller. Visit their houses, participate in their community activities, join clubs and civil groups like Rotary, Lions, and other secular and motivated groups to be part of people.

6. We should build and strengthen their educational and medical institutions so as to offer its services to all. Organise in all our schools communal harmony week.

7. Invite religious leaders to speak about their religion and harmony in generating goodwill.

8. Any incidents of communalism and discrimination should also be reported to Minority Commission.

9. Strengthen the Minority commission at the states and the Centre by writing to them. Get in touch with the Minority commission members.

10. Celebrate communal harmony day aggressively by organizing programs in Schools, Colleges and Office. People should be encourage to take pledge for promoting harmony and peace in India.

11. Highlighting real life stories of communal harmony should be introduced in the schools. Ensure schools and colleges regularly hold programs like painting, debate and essay writing to promote harmony.

12. Inform society about ills of communalism and advantage of having peace and communal harmony in the country.

13. Inform citizens that the discrimination on the basis of religion, is a crime

14. Take unequivocal and stringent stand against cow vigilants, Romeo Squads and Moral policing. Condemn lynching in the name of cow or moral policing as an act against humanity.

15. Teach Constitutions of India, especially the values enshrined in it, in classes. Conduct assemblies on the theme of the preamble. Display prominently the constitutional values in schools for all to see. Flex print can be made in very attractive way and  educate all.

It is unfortunate that we realise the magnitude of any problems only after it becomes unmanageable. Communalism has become unmanageable now and need some concrete and honest effort from all. Apart from working on present generation, our focus should be on the next generation. We, educationist can do it in a better way than anyone else.

With little extra efforts from our part we should be able to reduce communalism in the society. Without direct interaction with all, wall of mistrust will be impossible to breach. We need to take initiative in this regard.

Unity in Diversity, which was our strength has become our weakness today. We cannot allow Divide and Rule policy to continue. Defeat of communalism will pave way for India’s all inclusive development leaving behind exclusive development.

Hope all will pay heed to these...

Sunny Jacob SJ

Secretary, JEA

24 July 2017