International Education Commission Meeting May 2018

 International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education (ICAJE) annual meeting Rome.

The International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education (ICAJE) met in Rome from May 23 to 26. The annual meeting is an opportunity for the six regional delegates, the Secretary for Education and the assistants to the Secretariat to come together, share the state of Jesuit Education in the world, the projects of the secretariat and discuss initiatives that can support the construction of the Jesuit School network.

At the end of the meeting the Commission celebrates the Eucharist on the Camaretas also knowns as the “room of ignatius” the place were he lives his last days before dead July 31th of 1556.

Important topics for this meeting were:


(1) The evaluation and follow up of the Action Statement of the  International Congress of Jesuit Education Delegates (JESEDU-Rio2017),


(2) Educate Magis: the commission had the opportunity to discuss the current development of this project aimed to connect schools and allow for global collaboration at the service of the mission. Some of the topics discuss:

  • Annual report
  • New challenges


(3) The commission had the opportunity to reflect around the invitation of the F. General to discern about the Universal Preferences for the mission of the Society, in the path of the  the decrees of the GC36 and the related documents. We will present to Fr. General our suggestions.


(4) The commission began the discussed of the education delegate role description at the provincial level and began a process to agree on some common basic ground for the job. We also continues the conversation about the associated/partnered/endorsed/companion schools as they are classified in each region.


(5) Fr. Mesa, the Secretary for education, could not be physically present but join the meeting virtually. 

(6) The Secretary for Education presented the report on Jesuit Education. today, the internal and external challenges and the current projects developed by the Secretariat. Also every region presented a executive report of his own region.



José Mesa, SJ – (virtual participation) Chair, Secretariat for Secondary and Pre-secondary Education

Rafael Galaz – Assistant to the Secretariat for Special Projects

William Muller, SJ – Director of the JSN- Canada and US

Brian Flannery –  Member of the Steering Committee JECSE- Europe

Ilse Dekker -  Future Director of JECSE -Europe

Sunny Jacob, SJ – Secretary for JEASA - South Asia

Saúl Cuautle, SJ –  President of FLACSI - Latin America

Johnny Go, SJ – Secretary for Secondary Education JCAP - Asia Pacific. Assistant to the Secretariat for Mission and Identity.

Joe Arimoso, SJ – President of JASBEAM - Africa and Madagascar

Eamonn McGuinness - Director of Educate Magis.