JCSA Core Team Meets

The JCSA Core Team held its third meeting on 13-14 January, 2018, at Indian Social Institute, New Delhi, to take stock of the prevailing socio-economic and political situation in South Asia and articulate a Jesuit response to it. The meeting began with rich tributes being paid to one of its members, Dr. Ambrose Pinto SJ, who passed away on 3rd January. While paying homage to Dr. Pinto, the members felt that his life should inspire us to work with greater zeal for justice peace and reconciliation in the South Asian peninsula. The highlight of the meeting was the presentation on the "Assessment of the Socio-Economic and Political Situation in the Aftermath of Gujarat elections and their Implications on the Rest of India" by Dr. Lancy Lobo SJ, Director of Centre for Culture and Development (CCD), Baroda. The members expressed satisfaction at the progress made in popularising the JCSA Statement issued in July last year and the positive responses received from several Provinces in South Asia. The meeting considered the mandate of  JCSA to formulate an effective response to the rise of extremism and fundamentalism in the South Asian region and has decided to organise workshops during the year to raise awareness and devise effective strategies to promote justice, peace, harmony and reconciliation in the region.