JEASA TRIENNIAL 2017 Bubaneshwar Statement – 2017


We, the Jesuit School educators and our partners in mission, numbering 240 from 399 schools in the South Asian Assistancy came together for the JEA Triennial meet at Xavier University, Bhubaneswar from 6-9, October,2017, discussed and deliberated on our mission/schools in the context of GC 36.

In the light of....

  1. GC36, calling us for a genuine reconciliation with God, human beings and Mother Earth,
  2. The global scenario where market oriented economy and the resultant consumerist culture being actively promoted and the narrow individualism being asserted
  3. The Indian context of the assertion and promotion of a toxic mix of a fundamentalist and neo-liberal corporate agenda that undermines India’s secular, democratic traditions and constitutional values and similar manifestations in other parts of South Asia
  4. Education being commercialized, communalized and corporatized
  5. The present educational system and scenario reinforcing divisions, prejudices, exclusions and the existing inequalities undermining the harmony in our interconnectedness and interdependence.

We are convinced of and committed to

  1. Make discernment our way of life at the individual, community and institutional levels to bring in the needed innovations to make our institutions/ministry relevant;
  2. Promote and nurture active lay and religious collaboration in and through our ministry.
  3. Collaborate and network with people of goodwill, civil society and other organizations that share our vision/mission and values and take up unitedly affirmative actions to ensure India’s secular, democratic traditions, constitutional values and pluralism through non-violent, compassionate and inclusive approach and thus promote reconciliation, peace, justice and harmony.
  4. Actively promote academic and human excellence leading to critical thinking, spiritual depth and a change of mindset that embraces the entire cosmos as our one common heritage and home and the humanity transcending all the narrow barriers and biases.


We have given time till December 31st 2017, to each province PCE lead Education Commission of the provinces to make action plan based on the above statement. It is our resolve and we will adhere to it.


Sunny Jacob SJ

Secretary, JEASA