Monitoring Student Progress and Potentials

Characteristics and Indicators of the “Monitoring Student Progress and Potentials”Quality of Effective Teachers

Characteristics Indicators


Clearly explains homework

Relates homework to the content under study and to student capacity

Grades, comments on, and discusses homework in class


Monitoring student progress

Targets questions to lesson objectives

Thinks through likely misconceptions that may occur during instruction and monitors students for

these misconceptions

Gives clear, specific, and timely feedback

Reteaches students who did not achieve mastery and offers tutoring to student who seek additional



Responding to student needs and abilities

Monitors and assesses student progress

Uses data to make instructional decision

Knows and understands students as individuals in terms of ability, achievement, learning styles,

and needs



Note. Adapted from Qualities of Effective Teachers, by J. H. Stronge, 2002, Alexandria, VA, Associationfor Supervision and Curriculum Development; Qualities of Effective Teachers, by J. H. Stronge, 2007, 2nded., Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.


The five-steps cyclic process of the Ignatian pedagogy.


(What happened?)


(What is to be done?)


(Why did this happen?)


(What did I experience?)


(How will I improve?)

Sunny Jacob SJ