Teachers' Seminar at Ranaghat, Kolkata

Description: A Seminar on Teachers' updating was conducted by Rev. Fr. Sunny Jacob SJ. Rev. Fr. touched on the following subjects that the teachers of today deal with on a regular basis. Fr. stressed on Leadership in schools,Paradigm Shift,Preferred learning style,factors contributing to effective class room management,mistakes new teachers make,factors contributing to school tone,developing a positive relationship with individual students,developing a positive class tone and a class identity,characteristics of people with high and low self esteem and the ways teachers can lead are as varied as teachers themselves.Fr. had also shown the learning style inventory,based on MI and solved the questions that teachers ask frequently.The way the Seminar was conducted by Rev. Fr. Sunny Jacob was praise worthy.He was lively,innovative,spot on knowledgeable and well-versed with the subjects he lectured on.All the teachers had been benefited immensely to say the least.All the teachers heartily thanked Sr. Principal and Sr. Manager for having such an absorbing session.All appreciated the good work,done in collaboration.In short,the programme was worth attending.The teachers welcome such constructive and helpful seminars on and off.