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We are invited and challenged to break out of our well settled and comfortable lifestyles and move and occupy new spaces, sharing spaces similar to what the majority of people occupy. We are also asked to think of new processes. It calls us to apply it to our ministries.

JESEDURIO 2017 Virtual Congress: Tradition: A Call for Innovation

Attention Please!

JESEDURIO 2017 Virtual Congress begins from March 1 and will continue till 30th April. Great oppoertunity for all to join and participate in this virtual Congress...encourage your teachers, Alumni, and Jesuits to participate and make it more involved universally. Click on the link below to join...

Environment and Energy Conservation Award for Loyola School Bangalore

The Wonderla Environment and Energy Conservation Award has been instituted with the vision of recognizing and rewarding schools that help build a greener world. The belief is that when a school takes green steps, students who study there grow up to be sensitive and caring towards environment, making the world a better place to live in. The  award is a step to this larger goal of inculcating love for environment among students.

10 Tips for teacher- leadership in Schools

  1. Be aware that you may now have different priorities
  2. Be credible in the classroom
  3. Your relationship with Students is crucial

First JIPST...South Zone Inter School Tournament held at Guntur

The First ever JIPST - Jesuit Inter- Provincial School Tournament for the Southern Zone was held in Loyola Public School, Guntur from 9th Feb to 10th Feb 2017. It was jointly organised by the 4 Jesuit provinces of the South ZONE. Thanks to all the PCEs and specially to Fr.. Stephen of Madurai. Thanks to Tony Uvari the host PCE for organising it so well.

Global Red Chair Project: Right to Education, Global Citizenship, Global Red Chair Project 2017

Educate Magis Community together with Entreculturas is committed to raising awareness of the millions of children that still don’t have access to education. We are inviting teachers of all Jesuit and Ignatian schools, as Global Citizens, to take action and join our fight to defend the right to education!

Extreme Neglect of Primary Education in Budget 2017 BY AMBARISH RAI

This Budget will benefit only a selected few children in higher education, depriving millions of children from their universal rights to education.This budget lacks the political will to seriously implement universal right to education. 

Comments on Draft Learning Outcomes

It is painful to note that the NCERT document “Draft Learning Outcomes” is posted in the public portal only in English and not in any of the Indian Languages, more particularly not even in a single language listed in the Schedule VIII of the Constitution of India. Only for Language Subjects Hindi and Urdu it is in the respective language.

How to Collaborate with JEA?

JEA SA is for uniting and linking all the Jesuit schools in the SA Assistancy. It, in turn, takes all our schools as part of the International network of Jesuit Schools.
2. Challenges are many, only way is to be proactive in our mission
3. Therefore, all the Jesuit schools must think it as part of the JEA.
4. Must strengthen the Province Network..
5. Must strengthen the Zonal Net work

Make learning a more joyful and interactive experience. By Sebastian James SJ

As the Principal of St. Lawrence High School since 2014, in the begining witnessing the mass exodus of students from our school to now pleasantly observing the inflow of students from other schools in short period of time is not a joke.  What is our aim as a Jesuit Educator not to please people, but be faithful to one’s vocation and heading to the call. A Jesuit Educator should be essentially an educationalist, visionary and skilled integrator in bridging modern technology with traditional education platforms. Serving asthe Vice Principal at St.

Fr. José Mesa Sj: 5 Guidelines to approach the General Congregation Message to the Apostolate of Education

We invite you to watch the interview to the Secretary for Education, Fr. Jose Mesa SJ. He highlights five key ideas that will serve us as guidelines when reading the message of the General Congregation (GC36) also will help you and your educational community to move forward into this new perspective.

Make English must in all schools, one English-medium school per block: Panel

Education, being a subject in the Concurrent List of the Constitution, is guided by the Three Language Formula as laid down in the National Policy on Education (Parliamentary Resolution) of 1968.

Written by Amitav Ranjan | New Delhi | Published:January 15, 2017 4:41 am

Government scales down principal's appointment in private CBSC schools

Government scales down principal's appointment in private CBSC schools

By Express News Service  |  


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