The visit of POSA was a great blessing for all of us here in Lahore.  We Thank Fr. George Pattery (POSA)for the care and concern he showed for the mission of the Society in Lahore.

POSA was very much impressed about the work we are doing in our schools. He was pretty impressed and convinced about the creative way of educating our students in Jesuits’ schools. Fr. George attended the school assemblies in the mornings and gave a very touchy and hearty massage for  our students and teachers.  His thoughts were well received by the students and the teachers our schools.

He encouraged the Director of Jesuit Schools  (Lahore) Fr. Imran Ghouri,SJ to participate in educational workshops and programs held in and out of India whenever it is possible. 

Fr. George also gave talk to the youth, teacher and religious on the topic

“ The Importance of Eucharist in Building Peace”. The audiences enjoyed his talk very much and were able to understand and grasped the valuable thoughts he shared with them about the importance of `Eucharist in our life.

POSAmet all the Jesuits individually and enquired about their works whatever they are doing in present and how they can still improve the quality of their works.  He appreciated and encouraged each Jesuit in his particular ministry.

We requested Fr. George do send Fr. Sunny Jacob to visit our schools and other educational programs we are running in Lahore. It will be highly appreciated if Fr. Sunny Jacob will come down to Lahore and update us his thoughts about the further betterment of our education system in our Jesuit schools in Lahore.

The visit of POSA left for us a remarkable impact on all of us in Lahore.

God bless you all.


Fr. Imran Ghouri,SJ

Loyola Hall

28 Waris Road