Prestigious Einstein Prize for Ex-Xavierite Professor Abhay Ashtekar

Prestigious Einstein Prize for Ex-Xavierite Professor Abhay Ashtekar

Over four decades after he began his scientific engagement with gravitational science, Professor Abhay Ashtekar received the prestigious Einstein Prize conferred by the American Physical Society (APS). The prize for 2018, carries an award of $10,000. “The prize is special because is it the highest honour bestowed by APS in the broad area of gravitational science.

Professor Abhay Ashtekar who completed his schooling from our St. Xavier’s High School, Kolhapur is at present the Professor of physics, Evan Pugh Professor, Holder, Eberly Chair, and director of the Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos at the Pennsylvania State University.


Ashtekar’s passion for physical sciences started while he was in high school in India. “At first I knew only Marathi literature –that is my mother tongue, and was the medium of instruction until I was 11. Then was exposed Hindi and English literature and realised how deeply literature is tied to specific cultures. What is considered great in one language or context could well be mediocre in another. At the same time, I learned Newton’s laws and universality of gravity — what makes the apple fall on earth also makes the planets go around the sun. This was stunning by itself,” he said.

We the Management, Staff and Students of St. Xavier’s High School, Kolhapur congratulate and wish him all the success for his future endeavour.