Every year, new schools and colleges are being opened in almost all cities in India, but the quality education is still a long awaited dream for millions of Indian students. In this article, we will bring your attention towards the problems and difficulties prevailing in the education system in this country:


  →No practical knowledge:

In schools and colleges, lots of attention is given to theory and books and practical knowledge is completely ignored. When these students pass the exam, they forget all the things they have studied due of lack of practical experience.  In India, parents and teachers expect their students to score high in the exam (rather than acquiring the quality knowledge) and thus the education becomes a rat race.  Practical knowledge and skill based education is still far away from the reach of students studying in schools, colleges and universities.


→Lack of Research or critical analysis:


Problems solving skills are one of the most important things that are required when students complete their studies and look for jobs to earn money and build up their career.  This can be learned by participating in problem solving projects with the use of creative and critical thinking.  In India, despite the fact that we have the highest number of engineering graduates, still we lack technological innovation.  Students must have capability to solve the problems and difficulties that the country is facing today.  Most of the students don’t have their own approach towards any problem and they do so only on the instruction of their parents, teachers, neighbors and friends.  Schools and colleges must pay attention to case studies, research based assignment and problem solving project so that students can get the fresh ideas about their surroundings and can easily solve the problem they face.


→Absence of personality development program:


Schools and colleges in India demand student’s performance in terms of marks and they are not well exposed to the external world.  When students complete their graduation and enter into the job market, they face problems to get a job as per their capability simply because they don’t meet the criteria and skills required for the job.  Companies want to hire those individuals that are aware of the course of the action. It is highly essential to start personality development program is schools and colleges to improve the education standards.


→Absence of Entrepreneurship development scheme:

The majority of the students want to get a job after finishing their education. They don’t like starting their own business because they are of the view that they can’t become a business person and face the challenges during the circulation of their business. The absence of Entrepreneurship abilities is halting the progress of our country in several fields.  Our education system should be such that it should generate enthusiasm to become a business person and it should also produce scientist, writers, thinkers, designers etc only that India can be knowledge based economy and claim to be regarded as superpower.


→ Cast reservation and paid seat:


In Indian education system, seats are reserved for reserved cast and rich students. The education system should give equal chance to all students irrespective of their cast and creed.  In India, the child of good a rich family gets good education just because of ample money whereas the child of a poor family hardly gets the primary education.  The government data discloses the better reality that only one child out of 7(that takes birth in India) goes to school. This problem should be taken into notice as soon as possible and do some serious work to change the situation as soon as possible.


 →Outdated syllabus:

There is an urgent need to change the present system of higher education in the country. We need to ensure quality in education as well as quantity. Students are getting the knowledge from outdated syllabus. Lots of technological and scientific improvements are taking place in India and therefore the courses are Graduate and post graduates must be updated as per the industrial and technological development.


→Other problems:

1) Expenditure in our universities are as high as 50%

2) Many schools and colleges use foreign languages as the medium of instruction which hampers the natural educational growth of millions of students who are not at home in foreign languages

3) Too much importance to examination and Political interference in schools and colleges

4) Rapid increase of irrelevant college and universities and

5) Absence of library, laboratory and other facilities in schools and colleges.