Response to Sent on Global Network: by Tony P SJ (JAM)

  • It is great learning experience for me to view the videos and particularly where Fr. Mesa’s message and understanding of global networks. We live in a “global village” where what happens in India can be viewed in other parts of the world. According to me, a real collaboration should happen between two equal partners in our school apostolate. We can not any more claim that we can work all by ourselves; we need to give up our “familiar boat” behind and forge greater partnership with other religious, laity and secular bodies to work through our common charism.

    Secondly, the Jesuits, though trend-setters in Ignatian era and now one among the many “players” in the school/college apostolate. Can we go beyond our boundaries and appreciate and uphold what is good in them rather than holding on to our ‘past legacy and brand”. The challenge is that can we be a “trend-setters” in our time as “partners in the same mission”

    Thirdly, in a wide spread parochialism, racism, or fundamentalism, as is the case in India, can we not move out of our comfort zone and sit across the table with other religious sects and invite them to work with us as a catalyst to serve the suffering humanity. This is what exactly, Beschi and De Britto have done in India. They are held high for their “frontier mission” work in Southern India. As day progresses, it is obvious that we will be into trouble if we don’t hurry up quickly to mend with our brothers/sisters of other faith.

    Fourthly, I strongly feel that collaboration in our schools, in real sense, should be between two strong partners and not to be understood as one strong partner with other weak partner. For instance, entering into a contractual agreement of our Jesuit School Heads with other laity or religious and expect the later to carry out our charism by all means. Shouldn’t we let both charism work in the same place and let others feel the sense of belonging?

    Fifthly, “Working for the Church and with the church” is a legacy that we have inherited from our Founder Father Ignatius. This should not remain a mere ideal but the challenge is how we translate in terms of sharing and caring for “one mission” that is of Jesus. I see a lot of “competition” taking place to tell the world that we are better than they. Or unwilling to let go some mission. I feel challenged when good practices of the good old days are let go. We work as parallel structure… is it for what am I called for?

    Once again, I would confess that we have miles to go and I am grateful having invited as a delegate for JESEDU RIO2017 CONGRESS. I am completely open to learn many things for life and I am looking forward to attend this meet.

    Finally, I need to thank Fr. Rafael and Fr. Mesa for such a beautiful roadmap on collaboration and networking. Need to express my gratitude to Fr. Sunny Jacob, SJ, JEA SA Secretary to opening up this opportunity for me.