We share an extract of Fr. General Arturo Sosa, SJ speech during his first trip to India, the last February 18th 2017, more specifically in the Vidyajoti Theology School, inviting Jesuit education faculties to come up in an only body.

“The 36th General Congregation firmly invites Jesuits to collaborate and develop networks, since this is the way to continue with our mission nowadays. There are near of two hundred faculties of philosophy or theology and university education institutions around the world in charge of the Society of Jesus. There are nearly fifty-four in India and an important contribution to the investigation and teaching is launched. 

¿Could you imagine how the standard of these institutions would change with an effective network? Could you imagine the mutual benefit and the better use of the limited resources?

Taking the invitation of the General Congregation seriously, I would like to insist on the elaboration of a network among you and the other university South Asian institution. This way would be the best to improve the collaboration amorn the Jesuits institutions in India and to prepare their participation in the global Jesuit Higher Education Network.

In 2010, Father Adolfo Nicolás called the first meeting Jesuits Institutions of Higher Education in Mexico City. His message was clear and strong. “we need move forward an international network and we want to networking our faculties and universities around the world”.

The establishment of regional networks has increased in the last ten years. During the second meeting among higher education institutions, settled in Melbourne, Australia, in 2015, the possibility to develop a global network among Jesuit faculties and universities of Higher Education in 2018 was clear, while the third meeting of Jesuits institutions of higher education is being setting out.

By developing networks among us we also open wide possibilities to collaborate with others in the adventure of planning and working for the future of the humanity. Let’s commit ourselves in this process as a part of our mission.

Let me conclude with a sentence that I found out in a Christmas card from a German priest. It stated: “do what God did: become a human”. Indeed, Saint Ignatius used to say that the purpose of the Society of Jesus is to assist souls. He meant exactly that: to help everybody become human.

Thank you very much for your attention and understanding,

Arturo Sosa, S.J. General of the Society of Jesus."

This piece was extracted and translated into Spanish from the Latinamerican Conference of Provincials (CPAL) webiste.