TRIENNIAL 2017 AT Xavier University, Bhubaneswar (XUB) October 6-9 2017

The Jesuit Educators Trienniel is an event held in every after 3 yrars to come together, to discuss, discern and plan out for the future educational ideas as a corporate body in South Asia. This year it happens after the all important GC 36.  We expect earnestly the involvement of all the educators of our schools to actively participate in the Triennial 2017, as it is the first Triennial after the GC 36. It is in the New Jesuit University, and it is the first Triennial under the New JEA Secretary.

  GC 36 initiated us into deep spiritual conversations: listening to the interior movements, sharing them with companions; discovering the trends in which the Spirit is inviting us individually and communally. Deep listening with interior freedom enables us see the way of the Lord. The process enables us to listen to ‘socio-cultural-political movements’ with the same attitude of inner freedom. It presupposes that ‘God is labouring is us and in the world’. I am sure we will keep the Spirit of the GC in this Triennial 2017.

  1. Discernment, according to the deliberations of the Venice phase of the first Fathers requires that our apostolic planning needs to be with deep listening in prayer, close to the poor and in companionship. Apostolic discernment and planning are emphasized in GC so also in our Triennial.
  2. We need to concentrate on collaboration in our apostolate in its true sense. We need to perceive the emerging pointers for our apostolic planning in the Assistnacy.
  3. Networking: The overall thrust is that we need an apostolic planning that cuts across the province boundaries and views the assistancy as a corporate body. This needs networking at all levels. Networking within the province, within the Zones, within the nation with CBCI and other like-minded organisations. Networking is the centrality of our mission today.

Ecological issues and sustainable development could be a theme that we educators could create ‘platforms’ for collaboration and net work in South Asia. Laudato si with its thrust on ‘inter-dependence and inter-relatedness’ could provide us basis for such collaboration with  people of good will. This can be easily an inter-ministerial venture.

With nearly 800 Jesuits involved in education, the formal education has received our attention. We have large involvement in ‘informal education’ with huge potential. We could take informal/innovative education as the thrust for the coming years.

‘Life and Mission’ decree of GC 36 speaks of our mission of reconciliation and justice. South Asian Jesuits educators are yet to develop the theme of reconciliation and justice. Conflicts – religious, social, ethnic, linguistic and national – abound in South Asia  and across the borders of South Asian  countries. ‘International Relations and Peace Studies’ could be a significant theme for our educational endeavours.



  • All the above themes/issues are to be approached with academic rigour and spiritual depth. These issues involve deep spiritual questions that need to be studied in depth and responded to. That will be our contribution.
  • Inter-ministerial collaboration with an integral approach is highly desirable. This enhances creativity and depth.

Therefore, the Triennial will deal with the following topics and will concentrate on the process and the outcome. 

(Details in the Brochure)

Sunny Jacob SJ