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Extreme Nationalism: Is it good for Majority people?

Today world over there is rise of Nationalism. Be it in the US, or in Europe, Middle East or in Indian Sub Continent, extreme Nationalism on the rise. In India, Hindu Rashtra is the goal of Hindu nationalist politics, which is also called as Hindutva. In contrast to Hinduism, Hindutva is a politics of in the name of Hinduism with Brahmanism as the core of the same. In nutshell Hindutva is a politics based on Brahmanical values of caste and gender hierarchy.

Our Mission

In the Society of Jesus, we have one mission, but many ministries. The mission is summed up in a phrase long associated with our order, Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam ("For the Greater Glory of God"), often abbreviated as AMDG.

Budget 2017: Here are 5 reforms to power up education in India

In the previous Union Budget, education was listed as one of the ‘nine pillars’ that would transform the country. With this year’s Budget round the corner, we, the educators, are anticipating that the sector will get the attention as well as the financial backing it truly deserves.



The Government of India amended the MCI Act and inserted section 10D. By this amendment, a
national level common examination is made compulsory for admission into undergraduate courses in
medicine viz. MBBS & BDS. Those States which did not wish were exempted from this exam for the
year 2016-17 alone. Government of Tamil Nadu, by virtue of this exemption, admitted students based
on the marks scored in the Higher Secondary Examination for the year 2016-17 for the seats in the

TRIENNIAL 2017 AT Xavier University, Bhubaneswar (XUB) October 6-9 2017

The Jesuit Educators Trienniel is an event held in every after 3 yrars to come together, to discuss, discern and plan out for the future educational ideas as a corporate body in South Asia. This year it happens after the all important GC 36.  We expect earnestly the involvement of all the educators of our schools to actively participate in the Triennial 2017, as it is the first Triennial after the GC 36. It is in the New Jesuit University, and it is the first Triennial under the New JEA Secretary.

Sent on a Global Network: Response by Sunny Jacob SJ

As an ICAJE member, I know that we are very much in the direction of a Global networking. The talk by Mesa is apt and relevant to the time.

SENT ON A GLOBAL NETWORK : A response by George Nedumattom

Fr. Mesa defines and outlines a roadmap for our way of proceeding in a truly global dimension to ensure that the universality of the Society of Jesus and its mission is represented and lived out by all our schools. It is in consonance with the direction that our Father General, Fr. Arturo Sosa gives us, “By developing networks among us we also open wide possibilities to collaborate with others in the adventure of planning and working for the future of the humanity.” This is a new sign of the time to which we need to respond with lot of enthusiasm.

Model school of the Month...St. Lawrence, Kolkata



The students of St. Lawrence High School were much surprised and happy at the introduction of the Robotics Club on 31st March, 2016. The students displayed a great deal of talent while displaying their inventions and exploring the world of Robotics.





Speaking in an interview marking the 4th anniversary of Francis’ election on March 13th, 2013, Gibson said the Pope’s legacy will be “to recover those practices of discernment, of really examining one’s conscience.”

Gibson, who works for the US-based Religion News Service, said he believed the prominence of “synodality” was the most significant change introduced by the Argentinian pontiff.

Be Positive. In the midst of the negative news and happenings, is there a way for us to be positive and grow as a positive person?

In the midst of the negative news and happenings, is there a way for us to be positive and grow as a positive person? Can we help our kids and students to be positive in approach and world view? I think it is a must for them and us to be positive, otherwise the negative onslaught of news will make us mad....society mad!


We are invited and challenged to break out of our well settled and comfortable lifestyles and move and occupy new spaces, sharing spaces similar to what the majority of people occupy. We are also asked to think of new processes. It calls us to apply it to our ministries.

JESEDURIO 2017 Virtual Congress: Tradition: A Call for Innovation

Attention Please!

JESEDURIO 2017 Virtual Congress begins from March 1 and will continue till 30th April. Great oppoertunity for all to join and participate in this virtual Congress...encourage your teachers, Alumni, and Jesuits to participate and make it more involved universally. Click on the link below to join...

Environment and Energy Conservation Award for Loyola School Bangalore

The Wonderla Environment and Energy Conservation Award has been instituted with the vision of recognizing and rewarding schools that help build a greener world. The belief is that when a school takes green steps, students who study there grow up to be sensitive and caring towards environment, making the world a better place to live in. The  award is a step to this larger goal of inculcating love for environment among students.

10 Tips for teacher- leadership in Schools

  1. Be aware that you may now have different priorities
  2. Be credible in the classroom
  3. Your relationship with Students is crucial