India needs to overcome these issues.....

India is a miracle. For all its diversity and problems, the country survives and even prospers to some extent.

But these problems do not go away. They are worse, and in some ways getting worst.

There are good reasons why the country has more poor than all of sub-Saharan Africa, and more hungry and illiterate people than any other country despite two decades of rapid growth.

Historian Ramachandra Guha lists ten political and social challenges (in order of importance) that India has to deal with:

Religious extremism
Left wing extremism (the Naxalism)
corrupt central government
decline of public institutions
growing gap between the rich and the poor
environment degradation
political fragmentation of the Indian electoral system
unreconciled borders
unstable neighborhood
apathy of the media

Along with these a few more can be added;
Anti-Dalit, anti-Minority movements in India. 
Political-corporate-media nexus
Anti-farmer policies
Extreme hatred and hate violence
Low quality politicians...criminalisation of politics
Centralisation, Corporatisation and Communalisation....

Sad.....we need to overcome all these....Work hard...we will achieve.