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St. Xavier's School, Mumbai


Welcome to St. Xaviers High School, Mumbai. 

St. Xavier's High School, Fort is an English medium school for boys in FortMumbaiIndia. It is conducted by the Mumbai St. Xavier's Society to give an all-round education, academic, physical, moral and spiritual, primarily to Catholics for whose education the institution has been established, and also to other children irrespective of religion or race, in so far as is consonant with Catholic principles. The medium of instruction is English.



St. Xavier's was established in 1869 by the Jesuits in the neo-gothic building it occupies to this day. Fragments of its history are visible in the corridors of the primary section in the form of stuffed hunted animals shot by priests during the British Raj. This collection is almost like a museum and second only to the BNHS section at the Prince of Wales Museum, Rumbas. Notable among these is the butterfly and bird collection on the first floor and the stuffed tiger on the third floor. The tiger was donated by the Maharaja of Vanzra, Gujrat who was an ex-student of the school. The butterfly and bird collection is the work of Brother Navarro, a Spanish Jesuit and a naturalist who was associated with the school. At one corner of the primary quadrangle a section of a ship's propeller which landed there at the time of the Bombay Harbour Explosion of 1944. Recently St. Xavier's High School completed 143 years and is considered among the best SSC schools of the city.


Principal: Mrs. Jennifer Dias

Secondary Student Council

  • School Captain  : Pranav Bhosale
  • Asst. School Captain  : Md. Touhid Darvesh
  • Gonzaga House Captain  : Kaustubh Gite
  • Gonzaga House Vice-Captain  : M. Selva Balaji
  • Brito House Captain  : Conrad Saldanha
  • Brito House Vice-Captain  : Jonathan Faria
  • Berchmans House Captain  : Darshan Rajput
  • Berchmans House Vice-Captain : Tinkal Singh
  • Claver House Captain  : Atharva Padhye
  • Claver House Vice-Captain  : Rias D'Souza
  • Discipline Captain  : Yash Acharekar
  • Discipline Vice-Captain  : Rahul D'Souza
  • In Charge of Leaders
  • Captain  : Fraron Balsara
  • (5-7)  : Varun Pandey
  • (8-10)  : Mandar Shirsat


The school follows the SSC board which is the state board of the Government of Maharashtra. It runs classes from standard one to standard ten. The primary (Standard one to four) and secondary school occupy different buildings. A class has four sections from 'A' to 'D' with approximately fifty to sixty students each.

All students of the secondary school belong to one of four houses - Claver (blue), Gonzaga (yellow), Britto (red), Berchmans (green).These were earlier known as Ashoka (blue),Tilak (yellow), Nehru (red) and Tagore (green). Each house has an elected House Captain from standard ten and a Vice-Captain from standard nine. Additionally a School Captain and Vice-Captain are elected from standard ten. These student representatives maintain student discipline and lead student and ceremonial activities.

It is one of the few schools in space-starved south Mumbai to have a large football field, basketball courts, a paved covered activity hall and an assembly quadrangle.

Notable alumni


St Patrick's High School, Karachi, PAKISTAN

From Wikipedia 
Saint Patrick's High School
Saddar Town
Religious affiliation(s) Catholic
Denomination Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Karachi
Established 1867
Founded 16 May 1861
Founder Rev. J.A. Willy
Principal Dr Lawrence
Vice principal Fr. Nobert Mendonca

St Patrick's High School, is a Roman Catholic school located in Saddar Town in KarachiSindhPakistan. The institution is the second school to be built in the city. For the last 150 years, the school has produced well known leaders and personalities; including a President and two Prime Ministers of Pakistan, two Chief Ministers of Sindh, two Cardinals of the Catholic Church, union minister of India and mayors of Karachi. The school is owned by The Roman Catholic Church and managed by the Catholic Board Of Education in Pakistan. The current Principal is Br. Lawrence.





Teachers' Training College

St. Patrick’s was established on May 6, 1861, and officially registered as a high school in 1867. Its founder was Rev. J.A. Willy of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), who controlled the school till June 1935. It was then taken over by the Franciscan order till 6 October 1950. Since 1950 it has had Pakistani principals belonging to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Karachi.[1]

Stephen Raymond became the first Pakistani principal of his alma mater in 1950. The era of Fr. Raymond as principal from 1950 to 1974 is referred by old students as the 'golden era' of St. Patrick's. Fr. Raymond is credited with constructing the Cambridge Building (1950), St. Patrick's College (1952), the Teachers' Training College (1959), the first School Auditorium (1972). The school celebrated its Centenary in 1962 with the President of Pakistan, Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan as the Chief Guest.[2]

St. Patrick's High School was one of the few private educational institutes that escaped nationalization in 1972.[3]

To commemorate the 125 years of the School, the Pakistan Post Office issued a special stamp in 1987.[4]

On May 6, 2011, The former students of the school instituted the Father Stephen Raymond Gold Medal to be awarded to the top student from the Commerce Section, as part of the 150th anniversary of the school

Former Principals

Notable teachers


School Staff 1956


Matric Section Staff 1998

Notable alumni

*   Lal Krishna Advani, former Deputy Prime Minister of India and co-founder of Bharatiya Janata Party in IndiaPoliticians

Academics and researchers

  • Prof. Adil Najam, International Relations, Environment and Diplomacy scholar
  • Eng.Izhar Haider, Founder of Shiekh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistani School, Abu Dhabi



  • Peter Paul Fernandes, 1936 Olympic hockey gold medallist
  • Patrick Mendes, Olympic hockey player and teacher for over 50 years.
  • Jack Britto, 1952 Olympics hockey player
  • Milton D’Mello, 1948 Olympics hockey player


  • G. M. Lobo, former High Court Judge
  • Edward Raymond, former High Court Judge
  • Herman Raymond, former High Court Judge
  • lmdad Agha, High Court Judge
  • Zahid Aslam, High Court Judge
  • Justice Valliani, High Court Judge
  • Wajihuddin Ahmed, Chief Justice of the Sindh High Court
  • Justice Ajmal Mian, former Chief Justice of Pakistan
  • Civil service
  • Joseph D'MelIo, former Chairman of the Railway Board