WUJA news from Cleaveland, USA

The day 2 of the WUJA was priceless in terms of the richness of inputs. After a short prayer the First Session saw Fr. Dr. Tim Kesicki SJ, the president of US-CANADA Assistancy giving the Keynote address.
In his address he placed the current major challenges of the world through five 'windows'. Thes five windows are of five Assistancies Or Continents.

Asia has the highest number of Jesuits (5165). The major challenges emerging in Asia are: 1. Religious intolerances 2. Economic disparity 3. Ecological destruction

In Africa Madagascar there are 1593 Jesuits. The challenges are: 1. Terrorism, 2. Mindless deforestation 3. political violence 4. Religious intolerance.

In Europe 4580 Jesuits. The problems are: 1. Secularisation and irriligiosity of modern generation, 2. Refugee crisis 3. Individualism.

In Latin America there are 2320 Jesuits. The complex problem of mindless destruction of 'the Lung of the world' (Amazon as Human Lung...read Laudato Si), the Amazon valley and thus enviornmental degredation and Climate change is of great concern.

In Canada - America there are 2610 Jesuits work. The major problems of 'Fencing human communities' by nationalist ideology and exclusion of' 'other' is a great concern.

The challenges are enormous for the world which is our common home. The Total number of Jesuits,16,750, it is an enormous task to make our home livable for all. We need to make the world a good place for all to live in and hand over to the generations to live in. How can we do it? Here is why As Ignatius exhorts us we need to see the world in and through the eyes of God and act. Look for more universal good...give to the needy....practice Magis... create an education that forms good leaders....and pray for the world as St. Ignatius did. WUJA and all the Alumni all over the world must join in this endeavour with all the Jesuits. Working together works. So, WUJA and all regional Alumni organisation must work with the Jesuits to save our Home with urgency.

in the morning we had different topics for smaller groups of their choice to attend and interact.

The major event again was the Webcam Address and subsequent interaction by Rev. Fr. Arturo Sosa SJ. The major points he stressed were; the tpic for the WUJA tells a lot. "Uniting Jesuit Frontiers" is a noble task. He urged us to be socially responsible citizens in this current complex world. WUJA' s call in a way is to work with God. Our spirituality and Charism can redeem the world. As Ignatius said "Love is ought to be shown in deeds rather than words". We must be witnesses of God's love in this present day world of violence, hatred, curruption, exploitation and discrimination. We are all to be 'men and women for others' in the true sense. This needs tremendous courage and good will. to make the world better we need to join hands, collaborate and network with all. We must be men and women of discernment to transform the Society and the world. Affirm the dignity of life and justice to all. We must be builders of bridges and not walls.

Fr. Sosa urged the Alumni to be men and women of lead by the "audacity of love". Peace and reconciliation is the need of the hour all over. Remember God is working in and through us. Discern God' s spirit in us and work for peace. He urged us all "not to be afraid of the impossibles"...Cooperate with God He/She will cooperate and enable us to do miracles.

So he suggested us the following points: 1. Improve our networking at all levels 2. Collaborate for a better world, 3. Put all our experienxes together, 4. Work together for reconciliation and peace.
5. Pray and men and women of Spirit in the noisy world.

in his 20 minute inter action after the talk he challenged Jesuit Educationists world over to 'educate' rather than merely teach. Think new ways, be innovative, be creative, think differently...there is always a better way.

We Jesuits and Alumni must create "citizens and not idiots". Citizens work for common good. A good citizen cannot emerge from a bad Society". Therefore, societial transformation is our Mission. " if only we create in our educational institutions men and women who think and act selfishly, the we only create bad people. Thats not our call. So WUJA must join with the Jesuits and all men and women of good will to make this world to live in for all. God bless all.

After his mind capturing session members had again oppotunity to experience Jesuit Ministries fair and a few mind capturing, inspiring and Practical sessions on various topics by experts. After that session there was reflection and discernment for resolutions and Daily Examen.

Many members went for Rock and roll Hall of fame for reception in the evening. There was also the screening of the Documentary "Journey of the Universe".
In short, the day was, as in the words of Mr. Pradeep Kumar Madhavan, JAAI GC member and a delegate in WUJA, "priceless" in values of the enriching, inspiring sessions. We are looking for another treasure to chrish today.

At noon on 29th the Indian delegates had a sharing session called by JAAI president. Fr. Sunny chaired it and Dr. Debender made all to share their experiece of WUJA. We thaked Mr. Krishnakumar Vij and Mr. Ronald for their Service to WUJA in their capacity and also gave a warm welcome to Naresh Gupta as the WUJA Secretary. We assure all our support to make our voice heard in WUJA forums. We welcomed our new WUJA members John Neelankavil and Anil too. It was a beginning of a strong networking and collaboration back in South Asia.

Sunny Jacob SJ
National Adviser JAAI
Secretary JEA SA.