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Reflection on Gandhi Jayanti (Oct. 2)

Mahatma Gandhi’s message to bring about World Peace

“How can I make difference so that I may bring peace to this world that I love and cherish so much? A name flickers instantly in my mind.”  – Mahatma Gandhi

Pope names 13 new cardinals, including a Jesuit, Rev. Michael Czerny SJ, who helps migrants.

Pope names 13 new cardinals, including a Jesuit, who helps migrants.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Sunday said he’s giving the Catholic church 13 new cardinals, including two churchmen who have worked to help migrants and several others who toil in poor countries or nations where Christians are a minority.

Press Note on Delegation Meeting the MHRD Minister

HRD minister may set up  panel to study NEP issues raised by Religious minorities

Christian delegation gives Mr. Ramesh Pokhrial major objections, suggestions

2-day National Consultations on Draft NEP held in New Delhi

Draft National Education Policy 2019 in a Jist

The National Education Policy 2019, is the new face of the Indian Education system. Drafted under the guidance and the chairmanship of K. Kasturirangan, this policy undertakes various new ideas that can make the Indian Education System stand out from the rest of the globe.

Missing Secularism in DNEP 2019

The draft National Education Policy (NEP) 2019 found itself drawn into a high-profile controversy soon after the ministry of human resources development posted it online for soliciting feedback late last month. The point of contention: the NEP’s recommendation that Hindi be mandated as one of the three languages of study in school.

Draft NEP 2019 Video

Reflections about the Draft on National Policy 2019

The Strengths in the Draft National Education Policy 2019

What is the three-language formula? K. Venkataramanan

Why is there opposition to the teaching of Hindi which crystallised into a policy in an official document in 1968?

Earth Day, Eco-Policy in SA Jesuit Schools

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